Finding productivity solutions for my small business?

January 15, 2023

As a small business owner, you tend to have to be creative, agile and do a lot with very little resources. Figuring out the best productivity solutions out there can also seem like a daunting task, fortunately here are a few of the productivity solutions that can help small business owners stay organized, be competitive and get more done in less time.

Productivity tools and solutions can help you automate mundane repetitive tasks, help streamline your workflows and facilitate better communications amongst your teams. This gives you an incredible edge in running a more efficient business. Furthermore, with the advent of subscription-based software pricing models, many productivity tools are affordable for small businesses and help you generate increased productivity, revenue and save money in the long run. With the advent of remote working, cloud-based productivity tools can also assist your remote workers to access their work from anywhere.

Here are some productivity solutions that you might be interested:

  1. Google Workspace: Google Workspace is a collection of productivity tools from Google, including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Calendar. An alternative to Microsoft office suite of products, these tools are all cloud-based, so you can access them from anywhere and collaborate with team members in real-time. Enable seamless communication between employees and coworkers.
  2. Microsoft 365: Microsoft 365 is an cloud-based Microsoft office suite of products that you already know and love, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams and Others. Share and collaborate everything in your organization.
  3. Slack: Slack is a team communication tool that's great for startups, small businesses and large organizations. Slack effectively allows you to categorize individual channels for different topics and teams, so you can easily keep track of conversations. Furthermore, Slack is a developer friendly platform and has many integrations with other tools you already use such as Salesforce, Asana and Trello. Enabling you to stay on top of everything in your company all in one place.
  4. Discord: Discord is a communications tool predominately used for Gamers however, it is also great for startups and small businesses. Discord likewise allows you to categorize individual channels for different topics and teams, so you can easily keep track of conversations. Discord also allows for voice and video communications to the wide mass audience. The key differentiator of Discord is that its widely used by companies in order to manage their B2C communities. With bot integrations, Discord allows for auto moderators and content filtering tools to help you manage your community.
  5. TimeTree: a beautifully designed calendar and scheduling cross platform application that is available in the palm of your hands on IOS and Android. Manage your own busy schedule and also share it internally with your team.

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